Priorities Progress

(as of July 31)


On Track

1. Determine mission, vision, values and brand for CIRO and develop our three-year strategic plan

Strategic planning process and prepare new strategic plan by March 31, 2024 Progress is on track

Select and rollout new name and logo (including stakeholder consultation and member vote) Progress is completed

2. Promote the investor perspective through the Office of the Investor and Investor Advisory Panel

Support the IAP in the development of their workplan and delivery of their mandate Progress is completed

Provide education and guidance to Members and Investors on key investor protection requirements in a number of areas including complaint handling, designating a trusted contact person and determining client risk profile Progress is on track

Conduct an investor survey to gather data on investor experiences and outcomes to inform the strategic direction and future priorities of the Office of the Investor Progress is on track

Launch a dedicated micro-site for the Office of the Investor and Investor Advisory Panel Progress is completed

Engage in internal and external outreach to various stakeholders to discuss investor issues and collaborate on investor initiatives Progress is on track

3. Harmonize our regulatory approach

The integration of the compliance department and its operations with a focus on aligning Investment Dealer and Mutual Fund Dealer compliance processes where appropriate based on workplan Progress is completed

Align ID/MF compliance processes where appropriate based on workplan Progress is on track

Determine approach for integrated Risk Model and develop workplan Progress is on track

Align regulatory approach for consistency across enterprise Progress is on track

Commence the integration of the enforcement department and its operations including developing uniform Sanctions Guidelines Progress is on track

Establish a centralized Complaint Intake Process for the public Progress is on track

Develop a workplan to harmonize Continuing Education requirements Progress is on track

Obtain delegation and begin a plan to operationalize the authorities in Quebec with respect to Mutual Fund Dealer Registration Progress is on track

Announce a phased plan to consolidate investment dealer and mutual fund dealer rules Progress is completed

Publish the proposed Phase 1 consolidated rules for public comment Progress is on track

4. Articulate the plan for an integrated fee model

Begin project to determine final fee model that addresses requirements set out in the Recognition Orders and MOU Progress is on track

5. Maintain an engaged, empowered, and unified staff

Continue to demonstrate progress on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Initiative Progress is on track

6. Continue to deliver on the regulatory mandate and support the investor through industry and regulatory transformation


Finalize joint report with the CSA on CFR conflict sweep Progress is on track

Enhance Finops examination program for BCP testing as per next steps of OEO Service level working group Progress is completed

Conduct an examination to assess compliance with the MFD CE Program Progress is on track

Delegation of authorities in Quebec with respect to Mutual Fund Dealer Examination Progress is on track


Continue to pursue legislative authority that will improve Enforcement’s ability to collect evidence and provide statutory protection against malicious lawsuits while performing our regulatory responsibilities in good faith Progress is on track

Proficiency / Registration

Progress is on track

Continue work to enhance our Proficiency Regime by:

  1. Finalizing the competency profiles for ID approval categories, and
  2. Initiating the competitive request-for-proposal process to select new education services provider(s).

Market Regulation

Build on cross-asset surveillance capability Progress is on track

Administer industry-wide BCP test Progress is on track

Plan for external-facing access to aggregated Market Data (Public ADP) Progress is on track

Policy Priorities

Finalize and implement amendments to modernize Dealer Member rule requirements for derivatives that are materially harmonized with the implemented version of National Instrument 93-101 Derivatives: Business Conduct Progress is on track

Continue working with CSA on the Short Selling Consultation Progress is on track

Develop and announce implementation of rule amendments to support the industry’s move to T+1 trade settlement Progress is on track

Develop a proposed harmonized rule requirement to facilitate more timely transfers of an expanded group of account assets amongst investment dealers and mutual fund dealers Progress is on track

Continue to work with the CSA to determine a regulatory framework for the trading of, and offering of, crypto assets to institutional and retail clients Progress is on track

Crypto Priorities

Conduct a crypto insolvency roundtable discussion Progress is completed

Innovation Priority

Continuing industry engagement to discuss the modernization of rules around back-office arrangements and subordinated debt financing Progress is on track

Cybersecurity Priority

Conduct cybersecurity table-top exercise with small and medium dealer members to improve cybersecurity resilience Progress is on track

7. Strengthen stakeholder relationships

Determine optimal structure and role of regional and national councils Progress is on track

Determine revised advisory committee structure Progress is on track

Collaborate with FSRA to become a credentialling body and support the creation of a public registry for financial advisors/planners Progress is on track

Collaborate with other regulators on financial title protection Progress is on track

Conduct Innovation Outreach to various stakeholder groups and prioritize areas of focus Progress is on track

Implement mechanisms for the smooth integration of new MFD members in Quebec Progress is on track

8. Demonstrate progress on the integration of corporate systems and processes

Facilitate the initiation of year 1 integration plans and begin mid and long-term planning tied to strategic plan Progress is on track

Complete all agreed IT changes in support of new brand launch Progress is completed